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Share your story and connect with customers in an easy, timely way. Whether you focus on industry news, community happenings, or general interest topics, a regular monthly newsletter will give your brand the front-of-mind awareness you need to keep business booming.

  • Promote new or seasonal products in your newsletter.
  • Keep employees up to date on company happenings with an internal newsletter.
  • Encourage customers to "archive" your newsletters…and keep your message in front of them long after others have faded from memory…by including a three-hole punch along the left edge.
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    Folded down to 8.5 x 11

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    Example: 8 page booklet is 2 sheets of paper printed on both sides and saddle stitched

                  12 page booklet is 3 sheets of paper printed on both sides and saddle stitched

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    Note: Turnaround time does not include shipping and assumes a print ready file. Additional design time may be required for custom art.

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